Dubai – Downtown Car Rental, Cheap Dubai Car Hire

Dubai is well known for its love for automobiles. For a newcomer, a car is a necessity and the first thing many individuals do once they get their resident visas stamped is to open a file for driving lessons. A drivers license is just one of the most significant files to find a job in Dubai. Without it, your odds are far less to get a good job.

Car ownership in Dubai is currently one of the highest in the world at less than two people per car. Many companies supply leased cars for their workers. Tourists are allowed to drive rented cars in Dubai whenever they will have an International Driving License in their home nation. WIth smart technology taking the lead, options like pay-per-click are available which has revolutionized the leasing a car marketplace.

Dubai’s car rental market is still in its nascent phase using a huge sector of the lease a car market still working in the conventional daily, short term and long-term rental styles. Services on offer are restricted. Cost over service has left the market in a confused Read More Here condition. Customers are anticipating a lesser price from better car rental companies.

On the other hand, the traditional car rental market is facing tough competition from the tech savvy new players that provide the freedom of hiring through a smartphone and leaving the car in any of those RTA parking lots, free of cost. This new found freedom is appealing to tourists, business visitors, as well as citizens as well as the market, is climbing steadily.

Dubai’s ever-changing need for transportation options, the transient character of life, and the overriding prices of car ownership create pay-as-you-go vehicle rental an attractive choice. Without a commitment to ownership, renting a car makes the perfect choice when you don’t want the car each day of the week.

An increasing number of residents are considering long-term rentals, together with monthly or even yearly car lease strategies. In the present market scenario, the benefits are lots. Purchasing a car is too much dedication for an individual or company, as well as the simple fact that securing a bank loan isn’t as easy nowadays.

Having a predicted 25 million visitors to Dubai through the Expo 2020, and all of them needing transportation, the car rental market is guaranteed to boom. The market is presently growing at a compound yearly growth rate of 10 percent.

Significant players have already invested heavily to expand their own operations.

Most of Dubai’s well known and stable Rent A Car companies such as the Paramount, Better Car, Maximum, Jumeirah, Cruise Express, Autobahn, Taurus, Gulf Oasis, Morning Star, Amex, Kohistan etc’ve prepared themselves well Beforehand of the Expo 2020 with strategic growth plans.

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